Award winning chef

Mart Scherp

Besides being ambassador chef for Kingfish Zeeland, Mart owns a bed and breakfast named Restaurant Scherp in historic Middleburg, NL. Chef Scherp was the first to serve Dutch Yellowtail in his restaurant.

Chef Scherp treats his guests to local delicacies prepared in a modern way.



Think Dutch Yellowtail Tartare with soy sauce and yuzu flavors, or the Japanese street food dish Okonomiyake with yellowtail.

He appreciates the versatility of Dutch Yellowtail, saying that “the fish naturally lends itself to raw, smoked, or cooked preparations and is an excellent alternative to Halibut or Chilean Sea Bass.”

We’ve loved Mart’s creativity as the first Kingfish Company chef. And it doesn’t hurt that he lives 20 minutes from the Zeeland farm either. It doesn’t get fresher than that.



Grilled Yakitori
Dutch Yellowtail


Dutch Yellowtail
Pan-Fried (with Pasta)

Dutch Yellowtail

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