Sustainability and quality are at the core of all our processes, with ASC, BAP and BRC certifications in place.

We use 100% GREEN energy to produce premium quality fish and are fully integrated from egg to plate. Not only is our hatchery and production on site, but we also process and pack locally, so transportation in minimal. The result is reduced emissions, and ultrafresh seafood for our customers.

Our production is full RAS with next generation filtration and water quality management with 24-hour monitoring. Once the water is supplied to our fish, replacement water is filtered and tested before being returned back to the ocean.

We remove solids, collaborating with local 3rd parties to complete our waste-to-value stream in the form of fertilizer or biogas.

These sustainable processes mean:

  • We provide high value proteins while helping to prevent overfishing
  • We only use sea water, preserving precious fresh water
  • We promote a circular economy by putting our waste to good use
  • We never use vaccines or antibiotics, enabled by a biosecure environment
  • We execute on UN Sustainable Development Goals