Dutch Yellowtail

Bottom Loin

Delicate and firm with a buttery texture, our bottom-loin yellowtail belly is rich and fatty, perfect for pan-frying or for enjoying as-is.

Dutch Yellowtail Belly Portions

We’re setting a new bar for sustainability practices or growing our Yellowtail in pure optimal conditions; providing the natural pristine environment required to produce the highest quality of healthy and sustainable premium fish. And it seems to show in the taste!


“With a delicate taste, a light pink/white fillet, and a nice firm bite, the Yellowtail Kingfish from Kingfish Zeeland naturally lends itself to multiple uses.”- Ambassador Chef Mart Scherp.

Whether pan-seared with butter, grilled on a skewer as teppanyaki, oven-baked with herbs, or prepared for ceviche, Dutch Yellowtail is the perfect treat for company or mid-week meal for the family.



All you need is olive oil, a seasoning of your choice, and Dutch Yellowtail and you have a simple yet delicious grilled fish dish,



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