Japanese Chef

Hiroaki Yamamoto

Chef Hiroaki Yamamoto and partner Yuko Nakamori have been drawing full dining rooms at their popular and highly regarded restaurant Japanese Cuisine Yama in Rotterdam since 2014.

Chef Hiroaki Yamamoto, known as Yama, is self described cooking addict (Otaku).



Based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, facing the North Sea and neighboring Belgium and France, Hiroaki is passionate about creating cuisine and enjoys thinking of how to transform the unique locally-sourced ingredients.

When it comes to Dutch Yellowtail, he values the high-quality texture of the fish and its nutrients. As he is running a high premium restaurant, quality is key. We deeply value Yama’s expertise on sushi and yellowtail, because he innovates the best possible ways to make our fish taste incredible.



Dutch Yellowtail
Tataki Salad

Dutch Yellowtail

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