Dutch Yellowtail

Top Loin

A prime cut of Dutch Yellowtail. Skinless, boneless, and ready to grill or pan fry. No antibiotics or hormones. ASC and BAP certified. Recommended as green choice by the Good Fish Foundation.

Dutch Yellowtail Top Loin

We’re setting a new bar for sustainability practices or growing our Yellowtail in pure optimal conditions; providing the natural pristine environment required to produce the highest quality of healthy and sustainable premium fish. And it seems to show in the taste!


“With a delicate taste, a light pink/white fillet, and a nice firm bite, the Yellowtail Kingfish from Kingfish Zeeland naturally lends itself to multiple uses.”- Ambassador Chef Mart Scherp.

Whether pan-seared with butter, grilled on a skewer as teppanyaki, oven-baked with herbs, or prepared for ceviche, Dutch Yellowtail is the perfect treat for company or mid-week meal for the family.


Pan Fried Dutch Yellowtail

Pan-fried over pasta and topped with herbs.


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