Design Team

The Kingfish Company is growing, with groundwork for the next phase of expansion in The Netherlands (Kingfish Zeeland) well under way. And building a farm that is sustainable, safe, and hi-tech is no easy feat.

That’s where our Head of Design & Engineering Christiaan De Wet and his team come into play. The Kingfish Company design team supports new development of the growth of the farm using leading edge technology and state of the art design.

The team works to continuously optimise our operation, current and future, with energy efficiency and sustainability. All of the construction design is managed through digitalized BIM (Building Information Modeling). BIM is a system that makes it possible for architects and designers to create a digital simulation of a building design, making project details manageable throughout the entire project lifecycle. In other words, anyone working on the project can see a digitized model of a future system or farm building as it’s being built.

The team consists of eight members across the engineering and designer fields, with some vacancies on certain key role still open.

“It’s probably the most diverse team in the business. We have a good mix of male and female team members from across the globe, including Italy, Brazil, South Africa, the Netherlands, Mexico, India and Iran.” says Christiaan. “That’s because we search globally to find the best people available to compliment the team.”

What does this talented team do when they’re not designing on the farm? Challenging the hatchery team to a paintball fight. All in friendly competition. What do you say, hatchery team?