Hatchery Team

The hatchery: the domain of the scientists who put our fish through their first stages of life. Simply put, the hatchery team “makes fish,” but when you dig deeper, the feeding, nurturing, focus and attention given from larvae to fingerling is immense.

The Kingfish Company has our own broodstock. This means that we have well cared for and conditioned parent-fish supplying us with high quality eggs all year round, which not only leads to healthier fish, but also means we don’t take any fish from the ocean. This contributes to our farm’s sustainability.

In the hatchery, we feed our fish the best live foods available. Research is continuously being done (currently on the species digestive system) to optimise the well-being of the fish. Because of our progressive nature, there is always something the learn.

The team of ten is sharp. When you enter the hatchery you can feel the farm teeming with life.

Plus, “baby fish are cute,” Hatchery Manager Sander Ruizeveld adds.

“In the morning when it’s still dark and you put your flashlight on, they follow your light like cats” said Jennie de Haan, hatchery specialist. “They also play with air bubbles.”

The team agrees that working in the hatchery is very rewarding: when you send the fish from the hatchery to the nursery because they’ve grown and you can really see what you’ve done.

Every Friday at the farm, the hatchery team throws a frituur (Dutch). Because of their success, they’ve recently upgraded to a double fry pan. One side for fries, one side for snacks. And of course in the nurturing hatchery team style, “everyone on the farm is welcome to join us.”