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International Top Chef Schilo van Coevorden of Taiko Amsterdam + Dubai crowned Dutch Yellowtail “ingredient of the year”

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Dutch Yellowtail (yellowtail kingfish) is a super-sustainable sashimi-grade delicacy raised using the latest RAS (recirculating aquaculture systems) technology in the south of the Netherlands. No antibiotics, no GMOs. Raised using 100% green electricity. RAS allows us to create the perfect conditions year-round for our fish in an eco-friendly way without impacting our oceans in the way that wild-catch does.” (Find out more www.thekingfishcompany.com)

Whether it’s whole fish, fresh or frozen filets, or retail portions you’re looking for, we harvest to order and deliver fresh daily.

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Our fish are raised on land in what we describe as a “greenhouse for fish”, made possible by recirculating aquacultures systems (RAS). RAS has similar advantages to a greenhouse in that our fish are raised in a controlled environment with optimal conditions, which not only means we can renewably produce fish where it is not otherwise possible; but we raise fish that raise the bar. In sustainability. In quality. In taste

We work with a wide network of distributors, which makes us available for everyone.

Dutch Yellowtail: the super-sustainable, sashimi-grade fish hand-selected for you!

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