The Kingfish Company Celebrates International Seafood Month

Find out more about power protein Dutch Yellowtail

The seafood sector supplies food and vital nutrients to billions of people per year– and that’s something celebrate. This October, International Seafood Month, we’re celebrating the delicious and nutritious Dutch Yellowtail.

And with The Kingfish Company voluntarily complying with the most transparent and strict environmental regulations out there, consumers can rest assured that eating Dutch Yellowtail is the sustainable alternative.

Below are three infographics that break down how Dutch Yellowtail is a power protein that stacks up against other centerplate cuts.

By using high quality feed with our sustainably raised fish, we lower our Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR). The lower the FCR, the more efficiently our feed is converted into the protein-dense, delicious fish that ends up on your plate.

Dutch Yellowtail contains high quantities of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for the healthy functioning of your heart and brain.

 A statistic that is essential in deciding whether a food is sustainable, is called “edible yield.” This is the percentage of a fish than can be eaten. Dutch Yellowtail enjoys a high edible yield of 61%. This means in addition to being sustainably raised, more of our fish will be eaten, and less of it will go to waste


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