Production Team

Production is the heart and soul of the Kingfish operation. The team focuses on the well-being of the fish and their life support systems to keep the rearing environment as pristine as possible for the fish to thrive. This includes constant monitoring of feed, conditions, and general welfare

This is a unique challenge working in a growing environment with new technology in a rapidly transforming space. That’s why flexibility is one of the most important assets to being successful on the production team.

Bram Rohaan, head of production, says that “the best part about being on the team is that it consists of many young and ambitious professionals that stimulate each other to sustain continuous improvement.”

“The potential of the yellowtail kingfish within our systems is huge, so this provides sufficient motivation for the team to get the best out of each other to work together to make the perfect fish.”
When they’re not raising the fish? You can find the team BBQing, laser-gaming, and unsurprisingly, fishing together. Many of the team members have a pond or aquarium at home, enjoy angling, go scuba diving, and smoke kingfish at home. It’s clear that love for water systems and aquaculture runs deep in this crew.

We currently have 20 people on the production team, and are in the hiring process of 3-4 more. Visit the careers page to work with us!